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Sangraal writes:

My Kobo Glo froze and stopped working after three weeks. Kobo “customer service” had me send pictures of the front and back of device and proceeded to tell me the picture proved I damaged the Glo. It was never dropped and was in a protective sleeve at all times. The store refused to take it back as my “warranty is with Kobo” and suggested I call them back as there is no damage – not a scratch- on the device.
Kobo customer service says, “it doesn’t take a hard hit to break the screen,” though their web site claims it has “the most durable ereader screen.” Durable as long as you don’t take it out of the box. Kobo advertises their readers as perfect for travel, yet they they may break the moment something touches it.
Kobo refuses to back up it’s own devices, and their technical support is a joke. What’s next, technical support by Magic 8 Ball?
I was told by customer service to “continue reading on a tablet or smart phone,” even they don’t recommend Kobo products.

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