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Wow. This one is bad, even for Kobo, and that’s saying something.

Norma writes:

I was excited to receive a Kobo Vox from my children last Christmas. The only downside I could see at the time was the short time that it held a charge – it needed to be charged after less than 6 hours of use. But I did like the features and was overall happy with my ereader. However, after using it for just a little over a year it stop charging. When I plugged it in to charge, nothing happened and it is now dead – absolutely useless! The only thing more useless is Kobo’s so-called Customer Care Department. No help whatsoever! I am currently in an email vortex that is completely circular, a series of programmed, automatic responses that do nothing to help me with this problem.

I have since found that the discussion board on this product are filled with stories like mine – some with the charging issue and others with different problems but ALL with the same lack of responsive customer service. You will see peppered throughout the responses apologies from Kobo staff but I could see very little evidence of any kind of resolution. Totally dismal.

Do not invest in this product – it really is not worth the hassle. Save your money and use it to buy a more reliable reader or good old fashioned books!

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