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Please note:  Kobo was unable to handle a forum that allowed users to make honest comments on their products, and as such, has closed their forum.  None of the “getsatisfaction.com/kobo” links work anymore.I ran into this thread on Kobo’s help site:


I responded, having had a similar experience to most of the people who posted to the thread.  Although the thread is a year old, one of them (Seachdar) responded with his solution:

Have a problem with our Kobo?

Buy another company’s eReader.  Problem “Solved”

I looked that the original post, and it was marked “Solved”.  I then searched the thread for the point at which the original poster (KimR) wrote about the solution, but there was none.  It makes you wonder if “Solved” for Kobo means:  “customer finally went away” or “customer relented and is no longer asking for support” or even “customer gave up and bought something else”.  Even if the initial poster did get her problem solved, imagine if each of the other 20 or so posters in that thread each made their own thread which could get solved.  Commenting on posts is only worthwhile if the company involved is interested in fixing the problem.  If you point it to warn others, it is probably better to make each problem its own post, that needs to be “Solved”