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Ok, only once.  Only one Team Kobo tech.  And two years ago.  But its something

Hi RhondaS, 

Please feel free to bring the Kobo back to any of our Chapters/Indigo locations for a straight exchange even without the box or receipt, as this is a known issue with Kobo ereaders having loose screen connections and is covered under your warrenty. 

Kobo Support Team 
Indigo Books


The images, not surprisingly, look like the failures seen elsewhere that are immediately blamed on customer abuse now.  Do you think they fixed all the ‘connection’ problems?  Or is it easier to just not admit it and not have to replace or repair units?  The latter explanation fits better, especially with all the people who put their Kobos to sleep, then turned them back on to have the screen problem occur.  It is unlikely everyone of them accidentally drops it and then forgets/lies about it.