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Please note:  Kobo was unable to handle a forum that allowed users to make honest comments on their products, and as such, has closed their forum.  None of the “getsatisfaction.com/kobo” links work anymore.

Great thread:


There is a definite pattern here, even with the new Glos like mine.  I especially like Burce:

Kobo’s answer? “The screen is very easily damaged, so a perfect case means nothing”. 

Kobo’s response? “It’s your fault – you must’ve dropped it, but only very lightly so that the case is still perfect…”

And Alex:

Kobo team told me that their products are not designed to be as durable as ipads, smart phones, etc.

These are not things you will see in their advertising, of course.  I will probably add my story to thread as well, although it is just like everyone else’s.  The product is flawed, and Kobo has entered the trench and is yelling ‘na na na na na’ with their fingers in their ears.