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I posted about the first of my issues with Kobo on my facebook page.  I was surprised to get a comment on my post from Kobo!  Its a bit creepy, but on the other hand, perhaps it might end up being helpful.  I mean, surely if they waited 5 days to post, and somehow they are aware that I had posted about them, they would be adding something helpful, no?  Well, no, actually:

Kobo Do you have an issue we can help you out with with. If so, feel free to send us a private message with the email linked to your Kobo account and so we can chat about it. Hope to hear from you soon!

They have, of course, heard from me already on 2 of the three broken Kobos, but what is most interesting, and becoming typical, is that the want to take it private.  This is certainly the best way to make sure that users do not find one another and figure out they are not the odd/unique issue, but rather the norm for this company and its products.