Please note:  Kobo was unable to handle a forum that allowed users to make honest comments on their products, and as such, has closed their forum.  None of the “” links work anymore.

You can read all about it here:

Basically, the screen when bad overnight, but as it was a ‘screen issue’, it must be physical damage, so Kobo blew him off (and not in the good way).  Apparently the screen is so sensitive that it can get damaged by being near other things but not show any damage until you put it to sleep one night.  The next morning – bang – crapped out screen!  Now, from my understanding for the ePaper technology the device is based on, once the screen is cracked/damaged it would not long be able to actuate the pixels into their 1/2, 1/4 or 1/16 (depending on model) positions.  It  is not possible that constant power (e.g. not turning the device off) could somehow bypass the damage until turned off.  Even if this was possible, the very design of ePaper is that it will maintain the last image once power is removed from the display.  This is why you get an image when it is off.  It is also how the battery can last so long, by not powering the screen while you read the page.

You should go read his post.  Very informative.  It shows that Kobo either has little regard for the truth, or truly do not understand the device they are trying to support.  Please also see this independent source for more information on how ePaper really works.