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My lovely wife pointed out, that no matter how bad Kobo’s support may be, not everything can be negative.  To that end, here is a post about what I like about the Kobos I own:

  • If they work, they are easy to use, have decent battery life and a sensible computer user interface
  • One of the four I have purchased is still working properly (fingers crossed)
  • They **MAY** be replacing one of the four, bringing they working Kobo stats up to 50% (Not counting chickens just yet.  They asked for a picture of the screen, even though it is a power switch problem…)
  • I have extra mini usb cords from the dead Kobo’s that fit the Sony eReader I just bought
  • I am using one of the dead Kobo’s as a coaster, allowing me to regale both friends and strangers with my tale of Kobo woe when they as “why are you using an eReader as a coffee coaster!”
  • I have learned to dig deeper online before purchasing, especially when the company I am considering buys enough google ads to cover the first search page and scrub all dissenting opinions for the search results