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Please note:  Kobo was unable to handle a forum that allowed users to make honest comments on their products, and as such, has closed their forum.  None of the “getsatisfaction.com/kobo” links work anymore.

My kobo touch won’t start when I slide the button. Even when I do a basic reset, Nothing happens. The blue light flashes then switch off then nothing.

I guess I am part of another club now.  I’ve had the screen problem, and now the power problem.  Fred started this thread on getsatisfaction.com/kobo two years ago, and the same problem is still being reported on the latest Glos.  It’s a sad comment on manufacturing that Kobo won’t even fix its most obvious problems.  As a bonus, this thread includes replies from the famous ‘Danny S’ from whom I am still waiting for a reply in the frozen screen thread.  I am beginning to think ‘Danny’ just appears in threads with a request for incident number or and apology to give the appearance of customer service.  I have yet to see an actual solution to anything in his posts.  Perhaps a search and article are in order.