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Miblake2006 wrote his tale of Kobo woe on CNet:

(1) I bought the e-reader from kobo.com. They didn’t send me anything: no confirmation, no nothing.
(2) I contacted them. They said: we’ve got no record of you.
(3) They had, of course, already charged my credit card. I sent them a pdf of the credit card statement.
(4) They sent out an e-reader. Via CANADA POST.
(5) I don’t live in Canada.
(6) My e-reader left Canada. It went to the US. It then went back to Canada. It now just . . . sits there. Waiting.
(7) I contacted them and said: what’s going on?
(8) Their response: once it leaves our warehouse, it’s not our problem.
(9) They closed with: “this ticket is now closed.”
(10) I strongly suspect I’m being punked. They can’t be this awful by accident. Can they?


Thanks Miblake2006, now I have tears of laughter all over my keyboard.  Thanks to my lovely wife for pointing this one out.