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The jobs that a company advertises speaks volumes about its plans.  In this case, volumes of bullsh*t:


Today (July 25th 2013), Kobo is looking for

  • 1 quality assurance person (contract)
  • 2 engineers + 2 system admins
  • 3 product design specialists
  • 4 ‘customer care’ positions
  • 14 marketing and marketing communications

This does not bode well for the inherently broken devices they sell.  If you look at my earlier, “Kobo’s 3 point business plan“, this is exactly the kind of hiring one would expect if the plan is to dupe unsuspecting members of the public into buy a shoddy, defective product and then ‘duck and cover’ing with their money.  Put all the effort into the initial (and 0nly, once the customer interacts with Team Kobo) sale, and try and reduce costs in the unhelpful ‘engineering’, ‘quality assurance’ and ‘customer care’ positions.  From the numbers, even product design looses out to marketing.  I guess good marketing trumps bad design, at least at Kobo.