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The latest Kobo problem is with the 3rd of my 4 Kobo Glos (for those keeping track at home:  2 dead with screen problems in the first few months, one with a non functional power switch since new, one operating normally – fingers crossed).  The problem is that to power switch never worked.  You could wake it up by connecting it to a computer, which brought up the connect dialog, but you could not read with having a computer nearby.  I contact Kobo support, suspecting the worst, but to my surprise they seemed willing to replace their faulty unit.  After getting the standard ‘send us your details, the device details and pictures of the front and the back’, I dutifully filled out the information, took a couple of pictures and sent it off.  I was not at home for all of this, so admittedly, the pictures were of fairly low quality, but it shouldn’t matter, as this was not one their standard ‘you broke our delicate screen, so no warranty for you’ scams, so why would it matter.  Silly me:

A couple of days later I received a note from Team Kobo saying my images were blurry and I needed to send them clearer ones.  Curious, I asked them why they need clear pictures of a problem that was clearly an internal switch issue.  Their response was surprisingly candid:

Hi James,

Thank you for contacting Kobo Customer Care. 

The pictures were requested in order to confirm whether 
or not you would be covered under the standard
warranty, which does not cover physical damage.

The Kobo Team

Well that clears things up:

Dear customer, you are an untrustworthy punk, and there is a slight chance your power switch is not broken, but rather you are trying to force us to repair one of our known faulty screens!  We will not be tricked into supporting known flaws in out product, so we will not even start the process unless you conclusively prove that our delicate screen is intact.  We only ask this because we find it surprising, and a bit suspicious, that after a few weeks the screen on your Kobo has not failed.

On the bright side, this is the first time I have received a “Sincerely, The Kobo Team” and actually believed the message to be sincere.  Stay tuned for further developments . . .