Brilliant really.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Or in Kobo’s case, when production gives you crappy hardware and software, just take the money and run.  Originally I though Kobo was happy to sell defective hardware, hide behind customer fault centered innuendo and simply make to hard to get a repair or refund.  It seems that have a new business plan, or at the very least another profit stream for the company.  From the (

Kris purchased the new biography of Steve Jobs through the Kobo e-bookstore as a gift for his dad, but here’s the trouble with buying an e-book: no one knows where it went, and no one at Kobo is capable of helping him.

This is really impressive.  What do you do when customers can’t purchase your ebooks due to faulty hardware?  Maximize profits from those few that have operation ebooks by selling them ebooks and not actually delivering them!  As the ebook never went to the customers, Kobo does not have to pay the publisher, and as long as Kobo’s tech support is byzantine enough, no one will have the patience to get their money back.  Truly awe inspiring, Kobo.