Hi All,

Well, I guess this is probably my last post as I am no longer a Kobo customer/client/user/victim.  To finish the story, I was escalated and did receive a replacement for the one with the broken power switch (hooray me).  We had two working for a short while, until the screen broke (as they always do) on the first.  The last one lasted a little longer, but also eventually succumbed to being a kobo, and also shuffled off its non-mortal coil.

As we are no longer infested with any Kobo devices, there is not much more I will have to say on the matter.  We are now using only Sony eReaders, and they are great.  All three have been running four months with no issues.  The interface is great, the Windows software is great and I would highly recommend them.

I am going to leave this blog up as a warning to others, a final comment on my Kobo experience.  Hopefully it will help others avoid my experience.  I will continue to approve comments, so feel free to add and vent.

Good Luck, James