Here is another nice article about the many problems of Kobo

Kobo may have delayed the inevitable (everyone realizing there product AND support suck) by shutting down their user forum, but eventually.  This particular guy is lucky:  his Kobo still boots, loads and displays books.  That will probably not last long though.  He is unable to read his books due to shoddy software that can’t render the book’s text properly.  One would think text rendering would be high on the list of things to test in an eReader, but I guess Kobo has more important things to do with its money, like buy enough advertising to make sure it is more difficult to find information on all their problems.  Choices, choices, choices.

P.S.  The 3 Sony eReaders I bought to replace the crap kobos are still working perfectly.  I have moved on the a Google Nexus 7 tablet, which does not have the advantage of running for a full continental flight, but does let me get my e-mail 😉