When Kobo shut down their user forum, they did so for a good reason: the forum made it easy to see that their product line had major problems and they were no being addressed. Now that its gone, it does seem that you hear a lot less about Kobo and their issues. A lot less that is, until you find a popular post on Kobo with a comment section.


is a good case in point.  The issue discusses if very specific, but if you look at the comments, all the issues that Kobo has had historically are still not being addressed.  “Come for the frozen screen, and stay for the broken power button” assuming you can get you books on the device at all.  For Kobo, closing their user forum was the right move.  Leaving it up much longer would have made their many warts too apparent to anyone with internet access.  For consumers, hopefully the grass roots ground swell will eventually be able to get past Kobo’s paid advertising in Google, and force them to fix their problems, or stop selling their inferior and flawed product.