Had a great comment from JK I wanted to share on the front page:

So after a load of to-ing and fro-ing with kobo customer services (who I have to say are THE most frustrating customer services I have ever dealt with – it’s like every time I do as I’m advised the problems get even worse) I was advised that I needed to do a factory reset. I’ve got everything backed up, luckily, but I’d really love to be able to read them on my Glo rather than on my computer. The first time I tried the power and light buttons method, it seemed to be working and I got the ‘restoring’ message on the screen, but then it just froze. So I tried the second method they suggested (light button and paperclip in the pinhole), but the same thing happened again (only quicker this time). Now I can’t switch my Glo on at all. If I hold the power button for a few seconds I get a flashing light, a quick flash on the screen then nothing, it’s just blank. I’ve tried doing further factory resets, but this time absolutely nothing is happening. It was fully charged at the time. I did try plugging it into the computer to see what would happen, but again – nothing. I am worried after reading the above comments that the screen has disconnected.
I have left messages with customer services, with the facebook page and now here, as I am just so frustrated at this. Up until now (I’ve had the Glo a few months) I have absolutely loved it, it’s a great reader, and if it wasn’t for the terrible customer service I would have recommended it to all and sundry. I have heard awful things about people returning products to kobo and being accused of dropping the reader, I really don’t want to have to go down that road if I can help it, but it might well come to that. (I do have a Sony reader too, but since my laptop crashed and I had to reinstall Windows it has refused to open DRM-protected books, even the ones that were on there that I had previously read, so I can’t even transfer everything to that. The reason I bought the Glo was to get round that problem). I’m really hoping someone here will be more helpful than Kobo customer services ever have been! Thanks for any help (or commiserations, which I suspect is all I can expect. Sigh).

It’s important to share these stories to stop others from thinking Kobo will help them or has a quality product.