Bill posted a great comment, I just had to share:

Kobo support knows six things, reset, factory reset, reload your Kobo Desktop, not under warranty can’t replace, we don’t fix them, and goodbye have a nice day.

My wife’s Kobo Glo started dropping books, for no reason they disappeared. Other books that had previously downloaded when opened ‘Ooops, file not found. On the phone to Kobo support four times. They had me do a reset, then a factory reset with a resync, then delete and reinstall my Kobo Desktop then do a factory reset but syncing through wireless. The syncing would show books loading but only the bookcovers were there. Open a book, a blank page. After four hours, Kobo support responded ‘we’ve helped you as much as we can, its not under warranty so we can’t exchange it, we don’t repair them, you will have to go to a retailer and buy another reader, take the opportunity to look at other readers have a nice day, goodbye.’

Kobo support is telling me to take the opportunity to look at other readers? Huh? They don’t believe in their own product?

I did another factory reset and a sync but the Kobo seized on loading. It bricked (a new term I got off ‘Kobo Sucks’ on the internet). According to advise on the internet the only fix for a bricked Kobo is to take the back cover off, take out the SD card with the firm wear, scrub the SD card and reload the firm wear. But you have to be a linux type to do this. I went t a electronics repair shop but they just said it wasn’t worth the effort.

I have my own Kobo and they offered to transfer the books associated with this Kobo Glo to my account. we have invested quite a bit into books in Kobo format that can’t be transferred to another reader.

I had to keep a paper clip on the bedside table to reset these Kobo’s as they tended to seize up while your reading.

It’s sad, a Canadian product and support group that simply sucks! I hear the Sony ereader works well, stay away from Kobo.

He is, of course, absolutely right on Kobo ‘support’.  The truly amazing thing is that even the support technician knows how badly Kobo devices suck!  He couldn’t come right out and say it, but I think the suggestion that a broken Kobo is an “opportunity to look at other readers” is bang on, and probably the nicest thing he was allowed to do.