But not from Kobo, or course.  www.factorydirect.ca

Kobo sucks slightly less at 49$

Crazy Cheap Kobo

As I mentioned earlier, Kobo are dumping their crappy readers on liquidation companies. While I would never buy anything they designed again, I would happily save a boatload of money on standard Chinese Android tablet that Kobo couldn’t sell! For 49$ (CANADIAN) I get a 1280×800 dual core Android 4.0 16 Gb standard tablet. I just needed it for watching movies and reading books (using the Kindle app, of course) so it is the best deal available. I will write a more complete review after my next trip, as it is available for 69$ normally, and you may want to pick one up, and remove the Kobo app!

First app I am installing: