Why?  Because all that evil requires to triumph. is for good men to do nothing.  On a less lofty note, because 3 of my 4 Kobo Glos had manufacturing flaws.  2 were denied repair because Kobo accused me, and many others, of physically damaging the devices, which I had not done.  1 had a power switch issue from day one, and it is unclear whether they will fix that.  1 is still working, but I do not hold out great hope for it.

I hope that with this blog, and the thousands of other reviews/forum entries/comments and discussions to either:

  1. Warn potential customers of the many pitfalls of Kobo
  2. Shame the company into improving their product and support policies
  3. *something else* (these kinds of lists should always come in threes)

Hopefully you will find a mixture of tips, cautionary tales and some humour in this blog.  If not, at least you got what you paid for, unlike a Kobo device.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Cheryl M. said:

    Was given a kobo touch preloaded with books. The last 1 to 3 lines of each page of each book are not visible. Tried changing font, margins, spacing and justification – nothing works. Any ideas on how to fix this frustrating problem!

  2. I’ve had three Kobos in five months, and the screens have broken inexplicably. How is this product surviving?

  3. Larry Hind said:

    Don’t charge your Kobo on a computer, use a wall wart. A computer will not charge it properly and leave it with a frozen screen. Plug it into a wall outlet and in about twenty mins it will come back to life.

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