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These may be the only way you can get your Kobo working again.  Backup your books, if you can, before proceeding:

Note:  for newer Kobo devices (including the Aura and AuraHD), see the link at the bottom of this article.  Also, for Kobo Glo, see the reset method at the bottom of this page discovered by JK via facebook.com/kobo private message.

Basic reset:

A basic reset will force your Kobo Glo to restart properly. In many cases, this is enough to restore your eReader to normal.

Note: Please be advised, you will not lose anything from the eReader.

1. If possible, turn your eReader off.
2. Locate the small hole on the bottom of the eReader.
3. Unfold a paperclip and slide an end into the hole.
4. Press gently until you feel a click. Your eReader should restart

If the basic reset does not work, please to perform an external factory reset on your device using the following steps:

A factory reset deletes all content on your eReader. This means that it:

• Deletes any books you’ve added to your eReader.
• Deletes your bookmarks and annotations.
• Deletes your account information.
• Resets all your settings (for example, Reading Life and text settings).
• Returns the eReader to its original settings.

1. Power device off.
2. Slide the power button to the right and hold down the light button simultaneously.
3. The power light will start blinking.
4. Let go of the power and the light button when you see restoring on the screen

For the Kobo Glo:

1.Ensure that the device is powered off
2.Press and hold the Light button
3.Slide the power switch to the right, hold for one second, let go of the switch
4.Continue to hold the Light button until the small light to the left of the power switch flashes
5.Let go of the Light button

In my case the time between letting go of the power switch (step 3) and the light flashing (step 4) was only about half a second. After that the ‘restoring’ message came up on the screen and this time it didn’t freeze but just carried on and let me then connect and set up the Glo again as normal.

Newer Kobo device resets: